Landscape Architecture is the creation or manipulation of outdoor space for human use and enjoyment, and not merely the decoraton of incidental space left over after the buildings and parking are accomodated. The creation of economical plans is a goal of our company. Budgets are merely one of the many design criteria which we will incorporate when designing your project.

Seminole Bay strives to bring interest and innovation to every project we undertake and to create unique, relevant outdoor spaces that work for the people who use them.

Landscape Architecture:

  • Design Drawings
  • Planting Plans
  • Plazas, courtyards, fountains, walls.... "hardscape features"
  • Exterior Lighting and Irrigation
  • Water Features
  • Rehabilitation and historic renovation

Preparation of working drawings and specifications:

  • Layout plans and elevations specifications (CSI format)
  • Structural sections and details
  • Preparation of proposed budgets and costs

Bidding Negotiations with contractors:

  • Identification of responsible bidders
  • Negotiation with bidders (cost, schedule, etc.)
  • Administration of bidding programs

Construction observation:

  • Assistance in construction scheduling
  • Verify compliance with drawings
  • Approval of materials and methods
  • Approval of contractor pay requests



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